Enrique Enriquez – Invisible Readings – The Art of Metaphor in Mind Reading


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If you’re familiar with the first two installments in the Invisible Series (The Invisible Gemstone and The Invisible Tarot), you already know the quality and practical nature of Enrique’s thinking. In this sequel, he provides an elegant solution to the dreaded question, “So, tell me, what am I thinking?”, without resorting to trickery or deception of any kind.

This is a completely original take on mind reading, and once you understand the simple principles explained in Invisible Readings, you can establish a mind-to-mind connection with someone . . . anytime, anywhere. Armed with the easy-to-follow explanations and concepts provided by Enrique, you will be ready to present the ultimate in propless mentalism.

A Major Milestone in Cold Reading

Before you say, “Oh, another book on cold reading”, let me say that this book presents an entirely new and revolutionary approach to traditional cold reading. It will challenge your preconceptions of what cold reading is and how it works, and I believe it will ultimately change the way readings of any kind are presented.

If you’re like me, you probably have most if not all of the classic books on cold reading by Dewey, Martin, and Webster. As I read through Invisible Readings for the first time, I realized that Enrique’s approach may very well signal a turning point in the history of modern-day psychic entertainment. Yes, I know that’s a bold statement, but the concepts presented in this book will allow you to come remarkably close — if not right on the money — to The Real Thing.

In Enrique’s latest e-book, you’ll discover:

• Basic requirements for mind reading

• The real secret of stock readings

• How to perform “Poetry of the Mind”

• Why the old myths don’t work any more

• The “Sacred Deception”

• A bullet-proof approach to mind reading

• How to kick the “Hits Habit”

• Many real-life examples

If you liked Enrique’s first two Invisible books, I am confident you’re going to love Invisible Readings. Enrique leads you from the very beginning, explaining how he was inspired to create this new approach, and gives numerous real-life examples of Invisible Readings in action. He also lays out in detail four different ways to use the principles presented in the book, and several exercises to help you practice until you’re comfortable enough to give your first Invisible Reading.

“I loved Enrique’s earlier works and hoped his new book would be equal to them. This was not the case — his new book, “Invisible Readings”, takes a quantum leap forward.

This book tells how he built on his earlier discoveries and created a whole new way to read minds. I couldn’t put this book down, and could hardly wait to put his ideas into action. I began by generating a chain of visions as he suggested, and couldn’t believe how simple and effective it was.

This is as close to the real thing as we’ll ever get. In fact, it is the real thing – a genuine communication between two minds. This is not a book for beginners, but anyone who has studied a divination system will find this book incredibly valuable.

Congratulations, Enrique. You’ve written a classic book that is essential reading for anyone involved in readings of any sort.”

~~ Richard Webster

The End of Charlatanism?

The issue of how to present readings has been debated for years. Maybe you are one of the many people who feel a twinge of guilt when the question, “Are you real?”, comes up. Perhaps, deep in the back of your mind, there is the nagging doubt that cold reading is something that is practiced by fraudulent charlatans and con artists.

Enrique explores this issue in-depth and offers you a conceptual frame to present readings without having to claim paranormal powers . . . without losing any of the impact or mystery associated with psychic entertainment. In fact, you could tell your participants exactly what you are doing, and the chances are good that they will be even more impressed than if you kept the secret to yourself.


“A very scholarly work on some of my favorite topics — symbolism, metaphor and bringing a poetic feel to magic/mentalism.

Enrique rightly disputes the word ‘deception’ as it is commonly misunderstood, and applies it in a manner with which Wizards and Lamas may agree wholeheartedly.

Here then is a work for the studious and the poetic/magical type of reader that I believe a great many will enjoy and benefit.”

~~ Kenton Knepper

What Others Are Saying

You’ve probably seen some of the glowing comments people have posted online with regard to Enrique’s earlier two books, but those who have already purchased and read his latest have responded in a way that is unlike any feedback we’ve received before. Take a look at some of the unsolicited remarks . . .

“This is another winner from Enrique. Looks like traditional cold reading is dead and the guys from the Pro Shop killed it.”

~~ David Birtwell

“Just got done with first read through. I am absolutely stunned. This could be the most significant contribution to mentalism this year.”

~~ Charles Affholter

“What an amazing product! I think it is Enrique’s BEST Work yet. It is going next Millard’s Psychic Skills Workshop as my two favorite and inspiring reads. So rich with ideas and new pathways to explore…”

~~ William Barclay

“This new book is absolutely incredible. I enjoyed the other two, but Invisible Readings is beyond brilliant — it is a paradigm shifter! I am just completely staggered by how profound, important, and just plain excellent it is.”

~~ Seth Parker

The Universal Mind Reading Tool

Perhaps the best part about the simple, easy-to-learn presentations included in this book is that there are so many ways to apply them. Naturally, they work well in the context of a private reading, but you’ll be able to use them in impromptu and walkaround situations as well. And, if you’re ready to make the leap from stage mentalist to mainstream psychic entertainer, you’ll find that with a little imagination, Invisible Readings can give you the platform for the ultimate in Q&A presentations.

Within the 90+ pages of this digital ebook, you’ll also find:

• The Metaphorical Mind Reading

• The Laundromat Exercise: 5 ways to jump-start the imagination

• Fool-Proof Intuitive Thought Reception

• Mental Calisthenics: How to build a stronger imagination

• How to combine the Invisible Gemstone with Invisible Readings

• The Imagination Oracle: The Propless Prop

• How to answer specific questions

• The Five Outcome Mantra

The beauty of Invisible Reading is that it works equally well as a standalone system or as an add-on to whatever system you’re currently using. Are you totally comfortable with Tarot cards? No problem — Enrique tells you exactly how he uses the Invisible Reading system with Tarot cards. Aura readings . . . runestones . . . playing cards . . . the list of potential applications is truly limited only by your imagination.