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Proplessly Divine a Thought of Word

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I believe in no fluff and honesty so I’m about to tell you exactly what you’ll find inside Systematic.

You walk up to your participant. You ask them to think of a random word. To combat predictability you provide them different categories of words, like types of coins, colours, elements etc. The participant chooses a category and then chooses a word that fits within that category. They focus on their random word and you slowly and surely divine it with 100% accuracy.

Through the routine, there are multiple phases including a point where you divine which hand an invisible object is in, attempt to divine a random letter and more through a self justified process. There will only ever be 150 units. After that, the product will be taken off the market and never seen again. It’s that good. Infact, when you buy this you’ll receive multiple bonus variations including a traditional PA focussed version, a psychological force variant, a unique which hand variant and more! There is a massive amount of theory packed into two sections of the book. The routine is simple yet engaging. It’s powerful and will leave participants with an incredible memory. This is the perfect closer for any closeup, parlour, or one on one gig.

This effect as you can see is incredibly engaging, it’s multi-layered meaning as you perform the effect, it gets more and more impressive. From attempting to divine a letter, to guessing which hand an imaginary word is in to literally divining the word. The effect is smart and simple allowing you to add any personal touches to it, from readings to unique presentations.

Don’t just take my word for it,

“It’s such a great light and simple effect, perfect to start a set with and come out swinging. I really enjoy it, especially with all the bonus ideas and routines” – Luke Turner

-No “is there an a” type anagrams

-100% prop free

-100% sure fire

-Easy to do

-No Psychological Forces