Edward Oschmann – Penguin Live Lecture (April 23rd, 2017)


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“I have personally seen the impact of Ed Oschmann’s card routines at various corporate events over many years. His Visual Transpo to Pocket is one of my favorite effects to perform when I need something quick and powerful! With the variety of his material, I am sure you will find something you will use as well.” – Karl Hein

“Now that you’ve an opportunity to learn from Ed Oschmann, don’t pass it up! Full time pros don’t lecture all that often because they’re busy working to pay the bills, and Ed is no exception. Ed’s private, corporate, and restaurant clients keep him busy and there’s a reason for it – he knows how to entertain, and his material is devastating. You’re gonna love it!” – Jack Carpenter

“Ed’s lecture is filled with practical magic that is fun to perform, is not technically demanding and that’s very high on the “magical strength meter”. Don’t miss it!”– Mike Powers

“Of course you can count on Ed’s magic to reliably entertain regular folk, but it also intrigues magicians. His knack for presentational twists and handling tweaks produces strong commercial magic that’s also fun to do. Just chatting with him, I got two ideas that I now use in my professional work. I can’t wait to see what’s going to be in this lecture.” – Curtis Kam

What will he teach?

Visual Card to Pocket- A selected card placed inside the pocket VISUALY makes its reappearance on top of the deck. You audience sees the magic happening! A quick and highly visual effect that has your audience asking for more!

What’s Yours is Mine- A sandwich trick with a very unexpected ending. The use of word-play keeps your audience engaged and laughing UNTIL you clobber them with the unexpected. Unlike most sandwich effects, this can play bigger than others of its ilk.

Pocket Pool- A very practical and visually stunning production of an eight ball. A playing card with an eight-ball decal visually leaves the card, at the same time becoming a real ball! The card (minus the eight-ball) has mysteriously turned into a previous selection. Big woo woo!

Little Kreskin- Two cards are selected and lost in the deck. The spectator draws a stick-man picture of their own on the back of a business card. Not only does their stick-man find their cards, but a mysterious message appears that predicted their selections.

Your’s Truly- Ed’s take on the Chicago Opener/Red Hot Mama. A very funny presentation with a transpo aspect not found in most. This is the routine Ed uses to quickly establish his character while evoking a major league reaction from his audience.

Psychic Fail- A super easy to do effect that produces an inverse reaction to the amount of work involved. This is how David Acer described it: “A quick easy card trick with built in laughs and a surprising revelation of a chosen card. It’s a walkaround alternative to the McCombical Prediction and a worker plain and simple.”

As a special bonus to those who buy this lecture, Ed includes a separate video performance and explanation of his effect “The Poker Players Pickup” a.k.a. “The Contest. We won’t spoil the surprise describing it but will tell you what a few others think about this routine. John Bannon called this the “Best. Party. Trick. Ever. What a great trick!”Michael Weber (who uses this trick regularly) says “If Ed teaches nothing more than The Contest, you’ll receive more value than you find in most 2 hour lectures.” This effect has been used and highly regarded by others including Jeff PraceTom Dobrowolski, and many more. Ed is known for his strong, usable, and entertaining card magic. You will enjoy his lecture and you will love this bonus routine he is including.

Who is he?

Edward Oschmann has been a performer and creator of magic for over thirty years. Putting himself through college in coffee houses and pizza joints, he learned the rudiments of performing professional close up magic. This experience led him to Boca Raton Florida to work at Malone’s Magic Bar where he quickly found out he knew absolutely nothing. The experience he gained there, combined with the wisdom imparted, he began to see professional close-up magic through an entirely new lens.

Ed has since lectured and performed at the World Famous Magic Castle (twice!) in addition to countless corporate, private parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday party and school shows. His magic has been published in Magic, Genii, and Linking Ring Magazines. When not performing, he can be found raising two children and nuzzling the back of his wife’s neck.