Eddie McColl – 2019 Lecture Notes (Complete Lecture)

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This DVD contains Eddie’s entire 2019 lecture including performances and detailed explanations of both moves and effects. The DVD includes multiple camera angles to simplify explanation including over shoulder and rear shots for teaching complex moves such as the strip-out shuffle.

“Eddie’s time has come to be noticed, studied, and promoted. His attention to detail is transformative!” – Jon Racherbaumer
This DVD contains the following effects taught in detail:

  • All In the Cards – A simple, yet powerful, effect where a looked-at-card is stopped at by the spectator.
  • On, In and Under – Eddie performs an impossible transposition, where cards on, in and under the deck box transpose instantly with the cards in his hand.
  • Poker Deal – Here Eddie presents an impossible poker deal that is within grasp of any card handler.
  • Transfer Aces – This effect utilizes one of Eddie’s favorite deck controls to move the 4 aces to the top of 4 different packets of cards.

Also included are performance only versions of:

  • Ginsberg Poke Aces
  • McColl’s Lost Aces

These effects are taught on Eddie’s “Glasgow Connection” DVD. This DVD also includes a Toolbox section that covers in depth-teaching of:

  • The Strip-Out Shuffle
  • Vernon’s Cold Deck Cut
  • The Jennings Cut
  • Triple Cut

Also included is a bonus item, Eddie’s handling of Marlo’s Cut Palm. Eddie has also included a short interview where he covers who his inspirations are, and a few stories of his first time meeting Gordon Bruce. Also on the DVD is a short section that shows Eddie sessioning one of his effects with George McBride during the filming of the DVD. Credits Produced and Edited by Jack Talbot With thanks to George McBride, Chris Noble and Sean Harrington


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