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Volume Two of Magic, Inc.’s Marlo Trilogy. Cardially Yours is an anthology of card magic like no other.

Detailed Description:
Between these covers you’ll encounter classic works of legendary Chicago card magician, Edward Marlo including:

Early Marlo
Pasteboard Presto
Amazing, Isn’t It?
Marlo’s Discoveries
Oddity & Other Miracles
Let’s See the Deck
Off the Top
Marlo in Spades
The Cardician
These seminal texts embody some of Marlo’s finest and most influential creations. From self-working miracles requiring no sleight-of-hand, to knuckle-busting sleights, shuffles, moves and flourishes, Cardially Yours contains a potpourri of prestidigitation with Marlo?s first love-playing cards. Magician-foolers share the pages with audience-tested, reputation-making tricks. Edited and photographed by Gabe Fajuri, with introduction by two of Marlo’s most prolific students: Simon Aronson and David Solomon.<p. “can=” you=” imagine=” what=” it=” must=” have=” been=” like,=” to=” be=” sitting=” at=” ed’s=” table,=” and=” dumbfounded=” as=” ed=” produced=” a=” signed=” card=” from=” the=” tabled=” case?=” i=” envy=” whom=” some=” of=” this=” material=” is=” truly=” new.=” because=” here=” don’t=” choose=” between=” what?s=” new=” or=” what’s=” good.=” in=” volume,=” get=” all.”=” -simon=” aronson<p=”> “This book dramatically and entertainingly reveals why Marlo was always ‘ahead of his time,’ providing strong card magic that ultimately proved to be timeless, applicable to all times, for all magicians.” -Jon Racherbaumer

“This anthology is jammed with great magic. If this is your first time reading the material, consider me jealous of the discoveries you are about to make. But, pay attention to the details. Ed Marlo did, and with them fooled the world. Studying and adding his kind of clever thinking and subtleties to your work will let you fool it too.’ -David Solomon

Cardially Yours is a collection of Edward Marlo’s influential works on card magic. Made up of over one dozen important publications, it includes his reputation-making work, The Cardician. Composed of the sleights, moves, tricks, routines and flourishes that made Ed Marlo’s reputation as a cardician par excellence, the miracle material in these pages is at once ageless, challenging and innovative.

Pages 387 – Hardbound with Dust Cover, Photo-Illustrated