Drift 2.0 by Mystique Factory – (gimmick not included, but cheap to buy yourself)

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If you could s-l-o-w down time, this is exactly what it would look like!

– Cyril Takayama

“Great, fascinating effects with a secret that’s so simple, it hurts.”
– R. Paul Wilson

“A brilliant new principle and performance that magic has been waiting for!”
– Gregory Wilson

Drift was a huge hit when it was released 5 years ago. Now DRIFT 2.0 comes with a better gimmick that lasts a lifetime and not just one; in fact, you get 2 gimmicks.

This is an extremely visual time-bending effect. Everything is examinable at the beginning and end.

DRIFT 2.0 allows you to make objects fall in SLOW MOTION in real time! The slow-motion movement is smooth as butter and looks absolutely insane.

You can use a selected card (with no force) or borrowed objects.

DRIFT 2.0 is very easy to do — it requires no reset and no setup whatsoever. Can be done anywhere, anytime.

With DRIFT 2.0, the only limit is your imagination. So sit back, take a deep breath, and let the time DRIFT!