Docc Hilford – Electric Kool Aid Acid Test


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There’s a surprisingly large segment of the population that will believe this is real, and not a trick…

Before you even think “oh I’ve seen something like this before” hang on.

This is a pro trick. Pros LOVE IT for a reason, and it’s well worth your time to learn. It engages the senses, the imagination, it blends science and the supernatural and plays off of peoples’ beliefs. But the biggest reason?

You will NEVER get tired of performing it. It’s as much fun to do as it is to see. And you’ll never stop getting better at it.

There’s a SURPRISINGLY large segment of the population that won’t think this is a trick at all! They’ll believe you’re really sending psychic energy through audience members.

The best part is that you can perform this impromptu at a bar, or on-stage in front of thousands of people.

Get it now and you’ll have time to learn it before the weekend.