Docc Hilford – Black Flame


A billet switching technique that allows you to show your hands empty before and after touching the billet.
This is what real professional psychic readers are using.
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Black Flame is the billet technique that fooled me when I saw it.
A professional Curendero performed is on me and I left having no clue how he did it.
It took me a while, and some negotiations, to get the secret, and now I use Black Flame in place of the Center Tear in many situations.
Any simple problem, question or name is written on a slip of paper and folded by the subject.
She continues to hold the folded paper while you explain what is about to happen.
Both your hands are empty.
You take the billet for a moment, then return it.
A small candle is lit and the subject touches the folded paper to the flame.
The slip burns and is dropped into a small dish where the fire consumes it.
By now you know everything that was written on the billet!
This is unlike other billet switches you may have studied because…
  • Your hands are empty after you touch the billet!
  • You can perform surrounded.
  • You can be standing,
  • Or sitting.
  • You can use the match alone if you chose.
  • There’s no peek or glimpse.
  • No impressions.
  • It’s super clean.
And because the “Flame” switches the billet for you, the skill level necessary is between beginner and moderate.
You can perform Black Flame repeatedly for the same audience if needed and still have no fear of detection.