Diamond Jim Tyler – Penguin Live Online Lecture (May 25th, 2014)


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“In the first hour DJT broke the record for most magic per minute!” -Dan Harlan

“Diamond Jim is a wonderful thinker who really understands the construction of powerful magic effects. I thoroughly enjoy his work because he fools me on a regular basis. He’s also got a super sharp wit that totally cracks me up. This guy’s lecture is a must-see event.” -Geoff Williams

“Jim Tyler is truly a Diamond in the magic world. Time and money spent to listen and learn from him is not an expense, it’s an investment in your future.” -Shawn Farquhar

What did he teach?

Soaring Straw
A straw comes to life and is seen to float from hand to hand.

The magician correctly guesses the number of cards from a cut-off stack time and again.

Prophecy Move
A brand new deck is opened and a clever trick is taught using Bill Simon’s Prophecy Move.

A piece of paper is torn into pieces, burned and restored in a blaze of glory.

One-Armed Aces
The magician cuts the pack with one hand each time revealing an ace.

Trapdoor Coins
Three coins penetrate a tabletop one at a time.

Magnetic Coins
Two ordinary coins are made to look and act magnetic.

Credit Card Cling
Two borrowed credit cards stick to one another magnetically.

Muscle Pass Tip & Tricks
DJT teaches the Muscle Pass with several clever uses.

Birthday Bill
A hole-puncher is waved over a dollar bill causing holes to magically appear and reveal a surprise message.

Diamond’s Dazzler
A chosen card is made to fly face-up from the center of the deck.

The Ripple Effect
For the first time ever DJT teaches a neat card move using a close-up mat.

FBI Trick
A comedy escape routine with a surprise vanish of the thumb cuffs.

A wild card routine that spins the many myths around mirrors into an incredible feat of magic. Playing cards visibly change into mirrors!

You’ll take a shining to this clever method for revealing a freely selected card.

Mental Monte
Someone thinks of one of three face-up cards. While the magician’s back is turned the cards are turned face down and mixed. The card is always found.

Lift Gag
Using brute human strength you lift someone high in the air with your forearms.

Invisible Dice
The spectator rolls a pair of invisible dice. After doing what seems like some random math the magician correctly divines exactly what they rolled.

A borrowed coin is signed and vanished only to reappear inside of a sealed sugar packet that’s been in plain sight the entire time.

A ton of gags and one-liners!

Who is he?

Diamond Jim may just be the worker of all workers! He started learning magic at five, grew up working in a magic shop and turned pro at 16!

He put himself through college, performing magic and worked restaurants for 19 years. He currently works everywhere from his neighborhood to Hollywood!

He’s performed in twenty-two countries, and has a list of corporate clients on his site that took us sixteen clicks to scroll through!

He’s even performed for celebrities such as Katy Perry and Scarlett Johansson, and he’s a regular guest on Scam School.

He’s won awards from the Texas Association of Magicians and the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and is a regular at the Magic Castle.

Plus, he has released many books and DVDs for magicians, including his best-selling book and video “Pockets Full of Miracles.”