Devin Knight – The Human Lie Detector (official pdf)


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The technique described in this PDF has been one of my closely guarded secrets over the years. I used this constantly when I performed as psychic, Jason Michaels.

This information was first made available to magic fraternity by W. G. Magnuson and Joseph Ovette during the 20s. Over the years, these techniques have all but been forgotten.

With this technique a mentalist, medium or psychic can determine roughly 90% of the time if a person is lying through contact mindreading. It will fail the other 10% of the time because some people have trained themselves to beat a lie detector. There are actually underground classes that teach criminals how to beat a lie machine, but they are the exceptions.

You will find that this technique will work with the average person you meet. The person doesn’t have to be a Pinocchio and have their nose grow. It just works! At some spiritualist summer camps, phony mediums will use this technique to question a sitter’s spouse about their fidelity in front of the other person. The medium claims through their psychic ability, they can tell if the person is telling the truth or lying.

The fear that the medium has real psychic power and can see the truth will make this technique work all the better!

I know in the past, I have questioned some of my girlfriends using this technique and gotten to the truth. You might say this technique gave me an unfair advantage. *You can use it on your spouse too, if you so desire.

The more you do this, the better you will get. It is easily learned and should be in the arsenal of any magician, mentalist, or psychic.

Remember the old saying: The Truth Will Set You Free!
*Understand that is information is being sold strictly as entertainment information only and as a mental effect. I am NOT responsible for any break-ups caused by using this technique. You use this technique at your own risk.