Derren Brown – The Devil’s Picturebook (all 2 volumes)


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We all recognize Derren Brown as one of the finest mentalists of our age. His critically acclaimed writings, television shows, and theatrical productions have made him a respected, household name all over the world. Everyone knows that.

What fewer people know is that years before his fame, Derren was an amazing magician. He released The Devil’s Picturebook in 1999, a stunning collection of material years ahead of its time. The magic and mentalism he performs and teaches offer a rare glimpse into how Derren thinks about his magic, and how he constructs routines. Then, as now, the audience’s emotions are always Derren’s primary focus.

After years of being unavailable, Vanishing Inc. Magic is proud to offer this remastered two-disc DVD set with a gorgeous new slipcase and packaging. The first disc details Derren’s card work, and the second disc features his more psychological material. This was, until this moment, a highly sought-after COLLECTOR’S ITEM. Now, we’re pleased that is available once again in this new, remastered format. And it is every bit as potent as when it came out.

Disc 1: Conjuring
3-Card Routine: A beautiful routine using three selections.
Mike’s Move: An invisible bottom card control.
Card Under Box: As the title implies, a multi-phased routine.
Oil and Water: Derren’s terrific version of this classic.
Zameil’s Rose: A poetic piece in which a selected card changes into a shower of rose pedals.
Smoke: Perhaps Derren’s signature close-up piece, this is a thought-of card to cigarette.

Disc 2: Psychological
Out of this World: Derren’s wonderful additions to the classic routine.
Double Think: Two thought-of cards are discerned. The method is groundbreaking.
Extreme Mental Effort: This effect will absolutely fool you.
Invisible Deal: A fantastic concept worked into a prediction effect with cards.
Invisible Deal Force: In a way the opposite of the above, this uses the same principle.

Running time: approximately 3 hours

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