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From The Shadows is a brand new video series from Dee Christopher, exclusively available at E-Mentalism.

The feature length first volume; Nostradamus LIVES! is focused on predictions. 

Shot in a charming, casual style; You will sit down in conversation with Dee as he talks through a variety of subjects including character, consistency, how to make predictions make sense for your character and how to structure mentalism routines to get a big reaction at the end.

In this 52 minute video download, Dee also gives you access to one of his favourite techniques, with some subtleties and variations that have never been published before. The basic technique is very hands off; the participant does all the work for you – Actually completing the method themselves! There is a book test variation which requires a little more handling, but is extremely easy to do and a method to change or create your prediction in real time, without the need for secret writing of any kind!


From Dee: 

“With this series, of course I’ll teach you some cool tricks, but my real goal is to improve your performances using deep thought, logic and understanding of yourself and your character. 

In the coming weeks I’ll be covering a variety of effects and a number of different concepts, each lesson will give you a little more insight into my approach as a thinker and performer, I’ll also be pushing you to think about your own performances and how you can evolve into a rounded and impactful performer by solving simple problems that you might encounter on your journey as an artist.

I’m excited to continue shooting and teaching in this series; it’s been a lot of fun so far and I believe that if even one person out there takes one thing from these videos, all the effort and work will have been worthwhile. I’ll see you on the other side…”