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Astral Psychometry is a hardcover book representing an evolution in style from Dee Christopher.

A number of original and unique pieces for modern mentalists, mystics and magicians interlaced with thought provoking essays on elevating performances and building your show from the ground up, regardless of whether you are a stage or close up performer.

With a focus on applicable theory as well as routines and acts, this book compiles several years of unpublished thoughts, explorations and the interpretation of advice given throughout Christopher’s time so far working in television, on theatre stages, cabarets and close up engagements.

Astral Psychometry (the book) explores the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ to ensure maximum impact and understanding.

Full contents:

– Foreword by Lewis Lé Val: Lé Val discusses the history of real magick and why audiences are in need of wonder in the modern age.

– Preface: An introduction by Dee Christopher discussing the contents of the book and how it came to be.

– Psychometry as Mind Reading: Christopher divulges a refreshing look at building your act and character and teaches his way of utilising energy manipulation as a frame for thought reading.

– Shiroitsuki: Using the previous theories (in Psychometry as Mind Reading) to create a logical presentation for the modern classic Kurotsuke, alongside how to design your own opener. Two new methods to discover who out of five people holds the only black stone are included, alongside ways to transfer this power to an audience member and an additional prediction of the kind of person that would find themselves drawn to take the black crystal.

– Ideomotor Coin Bending: Christopher had the opportunity to audition for one of the top talent agents in London in 2015, this is the routine that he performed. Learn how to perform this, why it’s so powerful and read about how it led to booking many high tier events.

– Astral Psychometry: Your participant on stage experiences a real out of body experience, as witnessed by the entire audience in this fully scripted, show-stopping act.

– Assigning Meanings: Christopher teaches how to build your own reading systems in a logical manner, from historical truth. He uses Sacred Geometry as an example and builds a reading system on the page so that you can follow along.

– A note on ethics: A short discussion on the ethics of performing as a mentalist, a magician or a psychic entertainer and where to draw the line.

– The GeoRomantic Reading System: A hybrid reading system using a box of matches, geomancy and the runic alphabet.

– Dynamic Range: How to use a concept of cinematography applied to theatrical performances to create the most emotionally charged, edge-of-your-seat acts.

– The Elevation of Metal Bending: A compilation of theories scarcely discussed, on making metal bending a real experience for your audience. This also includes details on the ‘out’ that is most effective to dissolve the situation where you are handed silverware that you simply cannot bend.

– Saints & Sinners: An ‘Out of this world’ style routine with a difference. A stack of portrait photographs are shuffled by your participant and separated based on the residual energy they feel from each picture. With zero moves and no chance of failure, the pictures are turned over instantly to reveal that the criminals and the good citizens have been perfectly isolated from one another. This is a self working masterpiece which has fooled many magicians. The best part is that there is no special stacks, mixing processes, memory or maths to employ – the photos do all the work for you. It just works, every time.

– The Seer’s Code: A two person code that can be taught to a friend in under 30 seconds. This can transmit any piece of information in the form of a logical reading, including names, star signs, street names and much more!

– The Red Light Reading System: A look at a versatile, no memory reading system using just a small stack of special ESP cards.

– A Final Word: Christopher closes the book with some final words about how you can be more productive and balanced in just five minutes.



“I had the pleasure to read the latest work from Dee and I find very interesting, in fact it is very different from his previous works.

This book is focused in create real connection with the spectators, in fact routines like Astral Psychometry  and Shiroitsuki are a great example.

I also liked a lot the reading system and especially The Seer Code, which is a very easy way for a two persone code, linked to a reading , very, very nice!

The books is also very elegant produced and I am proud to have in my library.” Luca Volpe


“[Astral Psychometry] features not just great thinking and routines but most important, a solid approach of understanding the subtext of your performance.

How can you explain what you do? Do you have a clear subtext?

Dee in this book invites us to have a clear manner in how we do what we do, beyond our inner methods, but actually having an outer method that works as artifact of beauty and appreciation.

How do you read minds?

How do you predict thoughts?

How you do what you do?

In this book you will be challenged to understand that what you offer in performance must come from a real place, not just a superficial and deceptive one. Let your subtext communicate in silent ways.

The routines are very good and offer good examples of the theory behind the performance. For example his “Ideomotor Coin Bending” is a nice routine in which you can offer fantastic realism for PKMB.

One other nice routine is the “Astral Psychometry” routine, which is structured in a solid manner (you can sense that Dee has experience with this thanks to some staging fantastic tips) and it is a great example of the principles of realism that we discuss. You ARE guiding your participant into an “Out of Body Experience”, using Mentalism as the “mysterious ending”.

If you are open to new understandings of Mentalism and the Mystery Performance Arts, I cant recommend enough this book.” Pablo Amira