Dave Forrest – Focus – (cards not included)

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‘Dave Forrest’s ‘FOCUS’ – an inexplicable drawing duplication…and SO much more.

‘FOCUS’ is a set of twelve specially designed ‘ESP-style’ cards featuring geometric shapes and abstract symbols that will allow you to perform several different demonstrations of ‘second sight’ or ‘direct mind reading’.

These demonstrations can involve one spectator or several and all are completely full-proof and inexplicable to a lay audience. The cards can be used very subtly and are compatible with several different principles so that you need never use the same method twice during a single performance.

But, the REAL secret of the ‘FOCUS’ cards will allow you to perform the most incredible, hands-off drawing duplication without ever so much as uttering a single word to your participant. With your back turned the participant may shuffle all twelve cards. They may choose to select a design, sight unseen, or to go through each design and settle on any one that they like. They will never say a single word or show the design to anyone else. They will hide their drawing AND all of the remaining cards so that there is literally NOTHING to see when you turn back to face them and yet, thanks to the cunning secret of the ‘FOCUS’ cards you will be able to duplicate their drawing.

There are no impressions. There is no peeking. There is no forcing. There are no limitations on their selection. There are no marks to help you – everything is out of sight – and yet you will still know, without fail, which of the designs they are thinking of. There’s no other word for it – ‘FOCUS’ is INEXPLICABLE!

The ‘FOCUS’ cards are VERY EASY TO USE and are totally suitable for beginners and pro’s alike. The included DVD will walk you through several different ways to use the ‘FOCUS’ cards and of course reveal all of the diabolical method behind the stunning drawing duplication phase.