Dan Harlan – Tarbell 87: Novelty Magic Part 2 (Instant Download)

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Milton Tropp’s “Impromptu” Broken & Restored Thread:
A convenient way to carry and perform the broken-and-restored string trick everywhere you go. It’s a nice method for walk-around situations.

Leslie P. Guest’s Do It Yourself Magic:
Updated design for a neat piece of do-it-yourself magic where you cut and fold an empty paper box to produce a hankerchief or other items.

Color Ring Transposition:
A ring and string transposition where one color ring is released while the other penetrates onto the string.

Ear It Is:
Learn to make a pencil vanish, reappear, and then make your pad of paper vanish.

Morty Rudnick’s Funny Force:
Force a number from 1 to 5 with this silly device.

Visible Penetration:
Make a die penetrate out of, and back into, a sealed jar.

The Color Changing Knives:
Learn Harlan’s full routine for the color-changing knives with unexpected twists and a surprise ending. Plus, he will show you how you can make your own set.

The Uncanny Penetrating Rubber Bands:
Harlan shows you the trick which inspired his work with rubber band magic and gives you all the ins and outs, twists and variations on this influential piece of magic.

Impromptu Cigarettes from Midair:
A nifty cigarette production, updated to candles and a new presentation perfect for a birthday party theme.

Another Ribbon Penetration:
A truly puzzling penetration of a borrowed ring onto a ribbon, now with a steamlined method leaving everything examinable at the end.

Flip’s Flipstick Silk & Wand:
Learn one of the finest manipulation moves ever invented.

Flip’s Vanishing Glass:
A wine glass containing an egg vanishes from under a handkerchief only to reappear right behind you.