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Written by Dan BuckDave Buck

Work of Dan BuckDave Buck

28 pages (Paperback), published by Dan and Dave Industries, Inc.
No illustrations.
Language: English

(18 entries)

This whole book was written in more of a journal form by Dan Buck. He records ideas in his notebook that crossed his mind as he and friends took a cross-country road trip. As you read this, you will have your eyes opened to so much more opportunity than you are used to. Dan Buck saw this trip as a chance to experiment with his friends with the magic they have all already seen. He knew they didn’t care, and that he could risk these things in front of his friends. From this comes some of the most random and unique magic ever conceived for many different environments.

Example – At a laundromat. Dan has a card selected and then returned to the deck. He places the deck into his pocket. He then takes his trousers off and places them into a tumble dryer. Soon, as the dryer spun round, all the cards were seen spilling around in the dryer. The pants were removed, the pocket examined, and only one card, the selected card, was found in the pocket.

This doesn’t take a genius to reverse engineer. It does take an amazingly creative mind to think of something like that on the spot and have the guts to just do it. All the effects are like this, complete with the story of how it was conceived. Some tricks I won’t ever bother with, many I will be trying.

Teaching – This book does not teach effects so much as show by example what can be done with an open mind and some guts. Though the teaching itself is short and to the point, you learn more from this book than you would ever learn reading up on how to do certain tricks. This book will change your magic.

Dan does not stop at cards. In fact, most of this is magic done with all sorts of other every day items. Salt shakers, sugar packets, straws, books, matches, etc etc etc.