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If you have ever attended one of Cody’s magic lectures you know that he has quite a bit of highly original card techniques. Some of them have been published in various magic periodicals and some have been described in various sets of lecture notes. However MOST of these techniques have only ever been described at his live lectures. On this lecture DVD you will learn 9 original card techniques and 1 killer idea for the walk around performer. You will learn forces, passes, controls, false shuffles, palms, and card folds!

If you are the type of person that loves card magic or are simply looking for some original card techniques to add to your working repertoire, then you will love Cody’s latest lecture DVD. It is jam packed with tons of original material that YOU WILL USE!

Lecture DVD Contents:

  • In-Jog Riffle Force – Learn how to force a card in the fairest manner possible.
  • Charlier Spread Pass – A beautiful flourish pass that is fairly easy to learn.
  • Fancy Fan Control – A funny technique for bringing a card to the top of the deck.
  • Sleeves Up Mercury – Now ANYONE can fold a card secretly, silently, and slowly.
  • Full Frontal Control – An interesting one hand control of a card (or group of cards).
  • The Stupid Shuffle – A super easy ‘in the hands’ false riffle shuffle with bridge.
  • The Side Steal Bottom Palm – A fantastic palm for any card under glass routine.
  • My Favorite Control – This is Cody’s absolute favorite card control for the real world.
  • The 90 Degree Double – A very deceptive double lift.
  • The Incredible Vanishing Deck – An ingenious idea that real world workers will absolutely love.