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“Thanks to Raghava’s clever and easy effect, you’ll always be ready for propless, direct mentalism, even over the phone!” – Vincent Hedan

A simple yet highly effective mind reading demonstration, best of all, it is entirely prop-less!

In the midst of an intellectually stimulating conversation about psychology, the performer introduces to the spectator the concept of free word association. The performer then calls out a random list of words and requests that the spectator commit any one of them to memory.

Once the spectator has chosen a word in their mind, the performer plays a simple word association game with them and begins to call out another series of random words asking if the spectator was able to associate any of them with the word they are thinking of (via a simple yes or no answer).

At the conclusion of this ‘game’ the mentalist is able to name the very word that the spectator is thinking.

“When a product comes with a personal recommendation from Atlas Brookings you KNOW it has to be good!” – Michael Murray