Christopher Taylor – Penguin Live Lecture (April 13th, 2014)

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“I like the way you are able to get so much entertainment and mystery from a little bit of mischief.” -Barry Richardson

“A true innovator in the field of Mentalism whose original secrets have been used by some of the best in the business, including me (insert modest grin here!)” -Matt Johnson

“Christopher Taylor is a great person, proud to call him a friend, listen to his teachings and master the ways of the ponytail” -Andrew Gerard

“Christopher Taylor has some of the coolest ‘James Bond’ gadgets around. He’s a clever thinker and builder of magic that’s sure to surprise and catch you off guard!” -Luke Dancy

What will he teach?

Qi Touch
Performer places a metal object (key, spoon or coin) into a participant’s hands. He steps back behind her and projects energy at her from a distance. The participant FEELS THE ENERGY and drops the object, which is then shown to be bent.

Brand new method for making a freely chosen number appear in ash on the back of the participant’s hand; the performer’s hands are clearly shown empty the entire time.

It’s Key
One-handed key-bend: including a totally “no-tech” version and his “electronically-enhanced” version.

An exercise in eerie in which a participant correctly matches the photos of five murder victims with their Victorian Era killers.

A miracle-class Think-a-Card routine with two participants.

The Thought Recorder Deck
How to turn a card box into an effective, and ultra simple, Impression Device. And it takes seconds to make!

Mindreading, the way Christopher’s Grandmother taught him.

Powerful mental-magic based on the classic “which-hand effect”. Included are directions for making an amazingly effective, “no-batteries-required” magnet detector.

Qi Coin
Christopher’s signature effect. A powerful piece of theatre directly involving up to a dozen spectators who collaborate to bend a coin in one of the group’s hands. Utilizes a gimmick you probably already have sitting a draw

In addition, Christopher will share his unusual perspective on metal bending and the PK- Touch concepts.

Who is he?

Many of the world’s greatest mentalists and magicians have used Christopher’s handiwork to achieve astonishing and impossible feats. Feats that have been featured in dozens of television magic specials filmed in locations from New York to Budapest, Turkey to the Netherlands, Tel Aviv to Tokyo and more.

While Christopher is best known as a pioneer in electronic mentalism, he has consistently returned to his “no-tech” roots during his 25 year performing and creating career. This has resulted in a large body of outstanding material including Outside the Conventional (2 DVD set through Inner Mind Productions). No Batteries Required (DVD), his two books, Inside Out and Unconventional (H&R Magic Books) as well as his many contributions to magic books and magazines all over the world.

Christopher is Renaissance Man in the true sense of the term. He has enjoyed careers as a prison guard, classroom teacher, professional photographer, naturalist, and children’s author. In his youth, Karate Illustrated Magazine listed him among the top ten martial arts competitors in western North America. He has practiced and taught Kung Fu for nearly 50 years, which remains a major source of inspiration for his mentalism routines.

Currently, Christopher lives in British Columbia, Canada where he is a busy performer and owner of Taylor Imagineering.