Chris Rawlins – DRAWING THOUGHTS – Volume Two (Out of print & EXTREMELY Limited, ONLY 5 copies will be sold and it’s gone forever) (sample pages in description)


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Hey Everyone!

I wanted to let you all know that I’ve been putting the finishing touches on something very special recently…

This is my first ‘Limited Release Book’ within the community and I am very excited for it to arrive with a special few of you soon…

I’m very happy to announce that ‘Drawing Thoughts – Volume Two’ will be availble very soon!

The book is something truly special that I have been working on in pieces for some time. More recently I dedicated some time and energy towards organising all the contents and what I’ve arrived at is exciting and I believe, very special.

The book contains a number of Drawing Duplications that I kept back from ‘Drawing Thoughts’ back in 2015.

This book is a collection of my work that I am most proud of surrounding the drawing duplication.

You will learn methods for secretly obtaining drawn and imagined thoughts, you will learn how to apply these methods properly in performance and you will learn everything I have to know about the drawing duplication.

I’ve also decide to include the main material found within Drawing Thoughts but with expanded detail, routining and nuances that elevate these secrets into approaches that you can gain a strong reputation from performing.

I am especially proud and excited to be sharing ‘Harvested, Drawn and Imagined’ which is my full 10-12 minute stage ready routine. This is how I perform Reveal in every performance I give as a Mind Reader. This is the first time I’ll be teaching this, and although excited I am a little sad to let it go.

The book is currently being profesionally formatted and proof read and then it will be heading off to print.

Here the thing…


I want to continue to work with much of the material within this volume, and for that reason I’m pricing this out of those meerely curious whilst also limiting the print run to a very small number.


The contents are as follows:

Reveal – My full teaching of REVEAL (a method for duplicating a drawn image on stage, under test conditions).

Tree Drawing – Here I tip a handling that can be added to Reveal that is worth it’s weight in gold, and is something I have used for years but never spoken about.

Reveal Revisited – Learn how you can elevate Reveal to work with a larger writing surface and a locking system, allowing you true piece of mind and added benifits.

Harvesting, Drawn, Imagined – My FULL 10-12 minute stage routine that involves an entire audience, has copious amounts of intrigue, and multiple moments of mind reading. During this professional routine you have everyone think of an image. You proceed to reveal exact thoughts that exist only in your audiences mind as you eliminate spectators in a search to find an interesting thought. This is a fully written, worked, tried and tested routine that ends with the ultra clean duplication. This is something you can drop into your act and once you do, something that you won’t want to stop performing. This alone is worth the price of the book!

A (Very Short) Formula – A short essay about how to maximise your drawing duplications.

Use Your Own Wallet – A method that allows you to duplicate a drawing using your own normal, un gimmicked wallet and a normal business card.

Enlighten-cement – An off beat approach that has some very interesting strengths and advantages.

3S1D – A routine that I use when performing at private parties. A duplication that involves multiple spectators, has in built progressive stucture and a strong ending.

Open Index System – A method that allows you to duplocate a drawing without ever drawing a thing!

I.D.D + Bonus’s – A method for duplicating a drawing that you can perform over facetime/ skype and one that allows you to commit to your impressions without secretly peeking the spectator drawing. You could even draw first!

1 – 4 – 1 – My handling of Bob Cassidy’d Two Envelope Test.

Lastly (Bonus #2) – A Star Sign Prediction (with a surprising method)

Credits – Full credits and further reading.

Althought it’s not avaible yet, I am open to taking pre orders, so should you wish to secure your copy of Drawing Thoughts Volume Two, please email me at: [email protected] or send the funds to that address on Paypal and be sure to include your full name and address.

I’m also very happy to answer any questions anyone may have about the book here or via email & private message.

I’ll be in touch,