Chris Congreave – Postradamus + (the bonus)


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“I road tested this at my shows, and it’s now a permanent part of my repertoire. It looks totally impossible.” Gary Jones

Chris Congreave’s Postradamus is a system to predict ANYTHING.

With just a stack of cards and a post-it note pad, you will have a powerful weapon in your arsenal to produce incredible prediction effects at a moments notice.

This system allows you to predict your spectator’s decision ahead of time; it could be a thought of city, a super hero, a playing card or anything else that you can write or draw on a stack of business cards, blank cards or playing cards.

Postradamus is a powerful secret that anyone can do; there is no sleight of hand and the prediction can be isolated until the reveal.

BONUS: Dee Christopher teaches how to perform a mystery box style routine using the Postradamus method that creates even more impossibility.

Download the detailed instruction video instantly and start performing Postradamus today!