Casshan Wallace – The Power


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You have a gift. Something primal you were born with that allows you to tap into another physical dimension. Only one in.. perhaps a billion people is born with this ability, and it takes years to develop it at all. You’ve only just begun training it, and look what you can do already. Wait till they see you again in a decade.

The Power isn’t meant to be combined with other tricks. You shouldn’t perform tricks before or after The Power. Once you demonstrate The Power, you’re done. The Power is an act in itself. A single, awe-inspiring demonstration that is as likely to create stunned silence as it is screams and expletives.

In the package, you’ll get everything you need to perform The Power included. It’s easy to learn, and very practical to use. Being setup to perform The Power will not impede your movement, your ability to thumb wrestle, dance, drink, hug or anything else most people do when they’re out on the town.

In addition to the main routine, Casshan teaches 2 additional tricks, one using money and one using playing cards. The teaching is very thorough.