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In this new work from the underground man that we call Carlos Emesqua you will learn direct Mentalism and Psychic Entertainment done with an ungimmicked, regular pack of playing cards.
“Emesqua on Playing Cards” is a treatise of effective, simple and powerful routines that you can do with any deck in use, although we recommend the beautiful Provot Deck, which will offer unique aesthetics and inherent mystery.
For years, Carlos was able to create a reputation as real Psychic and Psychic Entertainer using this routines. Learn them and you will be able to offer realistic moments of mystery using a deck of cards.
Table of Content:
1. Shuffled Prediction: Your participant shuffles the deck, deals cards and stops in one. That card is predicted. A bold and direct manner to predict any card.
2. Impromptu Tossed Out Deck: Three participants onstage, each one thinking in a card from a shuffled pack of cards. Yes, impromptu and ungimmicked approach to the classic!
3. Emesqua ACAAN: Two participants in synchrony found a named playing card in a named number.
4.Three Card Reading Miracle: A beautiful mysterious accentuation after a three card reading
5.Hands off Mindreading: You never touch the deck, but you are still able to reveal which card the participant is just thinking in a fantastic and natural dynamic
6. Emesqua Cartomancy System: Carlos approach to read playing cards that you can add to your toolkit of ideas
7. Emesqua Card Force: A VERY simple card force that you can use without any sleight of hand
8. Playing Cards Q&A Act: A beautiful staged structure to do real Q&A with several different dramatic moments.
9. Pablo Amira´s Casual Stack: Learn a simple stacked deck that you can use in your repertoire today!