Cameron Francis – TANTALIZED: Seven Effects Inspired by “The Tantalizer”


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“This is GOLD! Love “Exhausted Aces” – John Carey

“This is great! Every routine within is beautiful and fooling.” –MadisonH

“Another winner from Cameron.”– TuneHV

In this exciting 19 page PDF, Cameron explores seven different plots inspired by the classic “Tantalizer” effect from the Royal Road To Card Magic. Most of these effects are small packet tricks to speed up the process. And the two full deck variations might fool some of your magician friends who know the original.


Exhausted – A spectator cuts off a little less than half the deck (the magician doesn’t know exactly how many cards are in the packet). A card is selected and shuffled back into the packet. The spectator continually deals the cards into two alternating piles, until only one card remains. Sure enough, it’s the selection!
Exhausted Aces – A similar effect to “Exhausted” but with a four Ace kicker.
Exhausted Mates – This time the mates of the selection show up for a fantastic finale!

A Tantalizing Sandwich – “The Tantalizer” meets the sandwich effect.

A Tantalizing Destiny – A shuffled packet of cards is dealt into two piles several times until two cards remain on the table: the King and Queen of hearts. The rest of the cards are turned face up and discovered to be totally blank.

A Tantalizing Match – A full deck “Tantalizer” effect with a twist.

The Almost Traditional Tantalizer – Another full deck effect. This one looks a lot like the traditional “Tantalizer” but the spectator shuffles the deck after the selection is returned. Think about that one for a moment… Yep, it’s a fooler.