Brent Braun – Capping The Spread (Instant Download)


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For years, Brent has been cutting to the 4 aces from a borrowed, shuffled deck of cards and convincing magicians that he has a skill that has taken years to acquire.

The truth is, he has been using a simple technique to sneak the aces into the shuffled deck right under their noses. Today Brent tips the real secret behind this devious technique. No need to rely on difficult sleights or gimmicked cards. Just put the cards you need where you need them, when you need them.

Brent also uses this method to access a freely selected card from a shuffled deck. For the first time, he teaches his Tabled Spread Bluff Pass and goes in-depth about how it allows you to easily and invisibly sneak a card out of the deck.

He then goes on to teach you the real work on a gambler’s holdout technique lost to the ages; a foolproof method of holding out cards in your lap without any complicated devices.

Capping the Spread can also be used to add gimmicks or extra cards to the deck invisibly.
This allows you to use this technique for any routine including color changing deck, red hot mama, etc etc.

This 40-minute tutorial is full of knowledge that will change the way you perform when seated at a table and will allow you to do things that you would have never thought possible.