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•New notes in English from Boris Wild’s lecture « Sensations »

•Seven routines explained in detail, illustrated with many photos: incredible predictions, impossible coincidences, effects without touching the deck or blindfolded…

•Size: US Letter. 32 pages. 28 photos.

A concentrate of magical sensations

You like card magic when it is simple, direct and effective? You like to be fooled by impossible effects that leave a strong impact on the audience? You like routines that make your spectators feel a magical emotion? Then these lecture notes are made for you!

“Sensations” will allow you to perform incredibly clean predictions and coincidences that are absolutely impossible. You will even be able to find a chosen card while being blindfolded or without ever touching the deck!

These new lecture notes are the perfect way to discover Boris Wild’s latest creations with some amazing effects full of magical sensations…


•Zero Touch – Magician’s Version
An effect where the magician finds a chosen card lost under impossible conditions without ever touching a single card of the deck!

•Zero Touch – Spectator’s Version
It is basically the «Zero Touch» effect but even stronger since the spectator takes the role of the magician and manages to find the chosen card without touching deck nor knowing the secret of course!

•Blind – 5 Senses Version
A «tour de force» where the magician performs a card effect while being blindfolded from the beginning to the end! Finally, after using his five senses, the magician finds the card folded in his mouth in the most impossible way.

•Blind – Borrowed Deck Version
It is basically the «Blind» effect but even stronger because it is performed with a borrowed deck and it ends up with a spectacular revelation, still blindfolded! An effect that fooled many experts at the FFFF Convention.

An incredible effect combining prediction and coincidence with two borrowed decks. The perfect routine for the finale of your parlour show!

•PURACAAN – Regular Deck Version
An extremely pure ACAAN effect designed for close-up conditions with a regular deck that can be borrowed and shuffled by the spectator. Any card and any number can be named. A version that will fool and amaze even the most knowledgeable spectators.

•PURACAAN – BW Marked Deck Version
It is basically the PURACAAN effect with an incomparable purity made possible by to the Boris Wild Marked Deck. An effect that fooled hundreds of spectators at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

« One of the best lectures I have ever seen »
« Fooling, clever and well-thought-out »
« A treat »
« Everybody left totally fooled »
« An amazing Boris Wild with diabolical tricks »
« A true gold mine »
« Pure talent »
« A fantastic lecture »
« Definitely not to be missed »

Comments from magicians after Boris Wild’s lecture «Sensations»