Bob Hummer – Poker Chip Mystery

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Six poker chips, bearing the numbers 0 to ten are examined and mixed by a spectator. The spectator lays them on a table with no interference from the mentalist. While the performer’s back is turned, the spectator turns over some chips. Three more are turned over and covered with a playing card, business card, or beer coaster. The performer turns around and, with no false moves or skulduggery, announces the total of the chips beneath the cards. It’s that clean. And, surprisingly, it can be instantly repeated, with a different result.

Just the thing for parties, get-togethers, and bars, while waiting for other guests to arrive. Carry it with you, always ready to perform. No magnets, mirrors, external gimmicks, or palming. No assistants or stooges. And, get this: you don’t touch the chips again, once you hand them to the spectator at the start of the routine.

Only in this revised and enlarged edition do you also get several additions and afterthoughts, added illustrations, and other bonus contents to get the absolute most from this brilliant and stunning effect.

“Extremely puzzling. No angles.” – John Braun“Will really baffle the wisest, including magicians.” – Mitchell Kanter

“A really fine item. Can be repeated indefinitely and the last presentation leaves the spectator as puzzled as the first showing.” – Lloyd E. Jones

1st edition 1941, PDF 14 pages.
word count: 5038 which is equivalent to 20 standard pages of text