Bob Farmer – Cheat!


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“Verrrry nice!” – Roberto Giobbi

“This is a gem.” – Matt Field

“This looks terrific, in no small part because it addresses three items I’ve always been fond of: the Christ Aces, Vernon’s “Aces to Order” and Semel’s Pirandello Cut. …Your approaches are fascinating ….” – Stephen Minch

No Skill? No problem!

Look like a card cheat without years of practice, self-denial, cheap bourbon and wild women. The most impressive thing you can do with their deck – the one they just handed you – is to discover the four aces in a variety of astounding ways. And it’s even more impressive if they tell you which ace to find each time. Now you can do that with a couple of simple, beginner-level sleights. And you can do it impromptu with their deck.

Sure, this has been done before, but those methods required hard work, difficult sleights and mind-numbing mental calculations. You don’t need any of that – You only need to CHEAT! You can find bourbon and wild women at the biker bar down the road from the auto plant.

“… the trick … is very good. It is definitely worth checking out.” -Joe McKay“CHEAT is brilliant thinking about one of my favorite effects, the Christ Aces. Bob has reimagined this with a ton of brilliant innovations. Highly recommended.” – Matt Field

“Great stuff Bob. Nice little routine. …I’ve always loved this plot and I really like your rendition. … I really like GPS Aces and I love that it can be done from a borrowed shuffled deck. The patter helps to make the process entertaining yet concise. This handling is lean without compromising effect. … Top notch magic. Highly recommended.” – Magicfish

I just bought “Cheat!” from Wow. what a clever thinking it is! I think Bob-san’s great talent is picking up some old but interesting lesser-known principles or / and classic plots, then put together them in a brand-new, really devilishly clever and simplified way. Then Bob-san creates unique and innovative effects with popular plot in magic with a fairly easy method. Bob-san did it again for Christ’s “Fabulous Ace Trick”! I really like “set up”. I’ll use this set up forever. – Yuki Kadoya

  • Losing The Aces
    • Initial Setup & Spelling An Ace
    • Notes On Sleights
  • GPS Aces
    • Effect
    • Method
    • Presentation
    • Historical Notes
    • – David Britland Notes
    • – David Ben Notes
  • Aces To Order
    • Effect
    • Method & Background
    • Objectives
    • Spelling An Ace
    • Bottom, Middle Or Top
    • Named Ace Appears Next To Face-Up Card
    • Ace Appears Face-Up
    • Face Up Or Face Down
    • How To Practice This Trick
  • Pirandellos
  • Thank Yous

1st edition 2018, 29 pages.
word count: 8101 which is equivalent to 32 standard pages of text