Blake Vogt – Examinable Box (HD quality; Gimmick not included, but construction explained)


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Magician shows an empty box to the audience and asks someone to examine the box. The question is: “Make sure there are no trap doors, bunny rabbits, mirrors, or decks of cards…” The magician then causes the box to fall open revealing the only thing inside is… a bunny rabbit, mirrors, and decks of cards all inside a trap door. This is Examinable Box. When you purchase Examinable Box, Blake will send you a hand made box that will last you thousands of performances as each one is made by hand and made to last. The box also folds up completely flat for storage and makes for a great box to hold your other props for throughout your show. Examinable Box has been Blake’s GO TO opener for years and now it can be yours. This is Examinable Box.


(Please allow up to one week for shipment as these are handmade by Blake himself.)