Bernard Bilis – The Four Jokers (Easily DIYable)

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A 4-card miracle for workers. Four jokers keep changing until the surprise ending. Carry it in your wallet and leave your deck at home!

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“It’s astounding. Bernard gets so much magic out of just four jokers that you don’t even need the rest of the cards.” – Curtis Kam

“Bernard Bilis, one of the few true masters left, can destroy anyone at close quarters. I am so grateful for this gift of one of his elegant gems!” – Jack Carpenter

“A beautifully constructed routine from one of the finest card masters of our time.” – David Jonathan

A ready to go packet trick with visual transformations that ends totally clean. Four jokers change color and then back with transpositions in the middle, and best of all you can end the effect totally clean. Amaze your audience with a technicolor miracle by performing The Four Jokers by Bernard Bilis.

Here’s what happens:

Four red-backed Jokers are shown on both sides to the audience. Two of the jokers are set aside, while the other two are placed back to back. With a magical click, both of those jokers turn blue. The blue jokers are placed on the table and the red jokers are placed back in the magician’s hand. With a magical click, one of the tabled blue jokers changes places with the red jokers. Another click and the second blue joker jumps back in the hand to join the first blue joker. Then with a wave, all the jokers change back to red. For the final phase, the audience may freely select any of the four red jokers, and the magician magically changes that one to blue. All of the cards are examinable at the end.

This packet trick has the classical style that is associated with Bernard Bilis, and will teach you some new and easy to do moves that provide an extra bit of joie de vivre to your magic. You’ll receive all the special cards needed to do this beautifully constructed effect. Beginners will love how easy it is to do, and advanced magicians will love the routine. Begin your transformations and transpositions today with The Four Jokers by Bernard Bilis.