Bennie Chickering – Siamese Waltz (Gimmick not included, construction explained)


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This is Bennie Chickering’s go-to trick. Not sure how you’d even follow it up. It’s a 2-phase miracle.

2 cards are selected and SIGNED. Then you TEAR BOTH CARDS IN HALF.

Phase 1: You restore both torn cards.
Phase 2: Then you fuse them back together with the wrong half! And here’s the craziest part, THEY GET TO KEEP BOTH CARDS.

Unlike “waltz” tricks that have come before, each spectator gets to keep their own impossible card, EACH ONE SHOWS HALF OF BOTH SIGNATURES.

Nothing is palmed, no difficult moves, the gimmicks do all the work for you.

Here’s the catch: Each gimmick is hand-made and it takes a LONG time, which means this isn’t a cheap trick. You’re looking at about $5 per performance. It’s a small price to pay for a reputation maker, but I know not everyone can afford it.