Benjamin Earl – The Gambling Lesson


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This is the holy grail for anyone who loves card magic: a believable premise about cheating that ends with the spectator cutting to four Aces. “The Gambling Lesson” an entirely hands-off, almost-self-working card trick in which THE PERFORMER NEVER TOUCHES THE SPECTATOR’S CARDS. If you’re familiar with Chad Long’s “The Shuffling Lesson,” you will see the new heights Ben has taken this already-classic plot. Best of all, you can learn this trick within seconds of watching the download.

The idea is simple and amazing: you and a spectator each take half the pack and give it a series of LEGITIMATE shuffles. You play a series of demonstrative games: cutting high card, Blackjack, and three-card Poker. In the end, the performer cuts to the four Kings. Not to be outdone, the spectator discovers he has cut to the four Aces!

In this 22 minute download, Ben Earl takes you through every detail with care and precision. You’ll learn all sorts of unusual shuffling sequences that the SPECTATOR DOES ON HIMSELF, as well as performance tips on how to make this effect most realistic.