Benjamin Earl – The Family – February 2023 (all files included: Technical Masterclass – The Mahatama Control, Unreal Transposition, Four Words, The Family Podcast – February, A Documentary: Episode Seven, Ian is…)


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February Preview

Technical Masterclass: The Mahatma Control

Performance: The Unreal Transposition

Performing Unreal Transposition.

Explanation: The Unreal Transposition

Explaining The Unreal Transposition.

Director’s Commentary: The Unreal Transposition

A deeper look into the technique, timing and psychology of The Unreal Transposition.

Performance: Four Words

Performing Four Words

Explanation: Four Words

Explaining Four Words.

Director’s Commentary: Four Words

A deeper look into the technique, timing and psychology of Four Words.

The Family Podcast: February

Ben is hungry, beer is food, a disappointing clump, Mahatma sneakiness, hand intelligence, raising your baseline, mutant arms, sexual threats, levels to basics, new theory break holding, constant memory loss, filming sneakiness, special socks, strategic philosophy, eggs, blue-tack, sugar packets, Ben wins a bet, join the flipping Discord! No such thing as a perfect camera and a huge thank you to everyone!

A Documentary: Episode Seven

In this episode; ‘the end of Year One’ is mentioned too many times, there is a journey to Blackpool in a van, Ben gets busted… twice, the adventures of Pat are examined, Ben is rude to a scientist, Ben touches old people, a Mahatma bonus is explained, we meet Spruce in London, Danny explains how ‘cardmen be fiddlin’ and Ben DOESN’T cry.

Ian is…