Benjamin Earl – Eye Candy


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Eye Candy contains three hyper-visual magic effects; no high-concept just pure eye-popping, brain-frying, visual magic to melt faces and destroy minds! This is perfect when you want to do something which doesn’t require very much presentation, audience management, or psychological control… just assault someone’s eyes!


Framework is a revolutionary new deck vanish which looks like a camera trick or special effect! This is an amazing optical illusion! the spectator can see a full deck in the performer’s hand… and the cards SLOWLY shrink and dissolve away (visually… with no cover)! Yep! The best part is that this is impromptu! No gimmicks… any deck can be used.

For example: a card is selected and signed. The performer takes the signed selection from the spectator and cleanly inserts it into the middle of the deck. The performer now asks the name of the card (let’s imagine it’s an Ace), SLOWLY all the cards visually begin to melt away, the pack appears to be shrinking until finally all the cards seem to disappear leaving only the four Aces!

This can leave the two, three or four cards (which can be selections) it’s up to the performer. The point is that this looks real; it looks like trick photography or some very clever gimmick… even though it isn’t!

Framework is completely impromptu and can be performed with any deck anytime, anywhere! No gimmicks, flaps or special equipment! It ends completely clean and everything can be inspected! This is something special.


The performer offers to give a spectator a memento: the spectator signs a playing card in a couple of separate places, the card now performs several extremely magical, visual, gymnastic manoeuvres (appearing, vanishing, impossibly jumping to different places in the deck, and onto performers person), before the deck is placed away so only the signed card remains in full view.

Now, with only the signed card in use (deck or any other cards are set aside)… the spectator chooses one of the signatures and in front their eyes it transforms into the performer’s signature! They actually see the lines move and form into something new! The spectator takes this home as memento signed by both themselves and the performer! Everything can be inspected!

The construction of Memento is extremely devious; it’s not only visual fooling but deeply psychologically deceptive; this is one of those effects that gets loud screams or WTF’s! This is a perfect close-up effect for working close-up professionals or those simply looking for something super visual. Once again, no duplicates or gimmicks needed… just a deck of cards and a Sharpie pen.


This is an extremely magical, ‘complete coin vanish’: A coin is held above a spectator’s hand and it melts away leaving both hands completely empty! I cannot stress how magical this looks… it simply appears as if the coin slowly dissolves into thin air above their hand.

The SDS Vanish is a pure expression of magic and will become one of your favourite impromptu effects. It can be performed in any environment, with no bad angles, no lapping, sleeving, special gimmicks or equipment and can be performed in a t-shirt and in slow-motion… all you need are your hands and any coin (which can be borrowed).

The visual element within these effects is the entire trick – just by watching, you experience everything. The best part is that these effects are not difficult to learn! Their construction and the principles involved do most of the work for you! I have kept these effects a secret for many years… but finally it’s time to release them.