Axtell expressions – Animatronic Toucan (Props not included)


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Our Toucan was the first Axtell character to be made into a Hands-Free Puppet. It is used by the most customers around the world and is the least expensive character in our line. The movements are just crazy good, and the character is really funny! The long beak movements are very easy to see from far away and the direction of his look for “eye contact” is obvious! If you want a real crowd pleaser at a great price this Toucan we call “Youcan” is it!

It sits on a Perch that has batteries in the tube so the bird can be fully wireless on stage or in a crowd. The Toucan has a wire from the power supply that you just plug into the stand when you sit him on it and he’s ready to go! A bird on a perch is a very natural look and easy to carry around.

We have several MagicTrax available for the Magic2 Version of the Toucan character which you will get free with this one. It can be customized with colors or made as a girl Toucan as well.