Apollo Riego – Midas Coins Across


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Apollo Riego’s Midas Coins Across

Effect: This is a visual coins across that uses a technique which allows you to keep your hand open as you visually see the coins travelling across one at a time. The last coin vanishes from the performer’s hand and reappears into the spectator’s closed fist for a surprising finale. With instructions in a first person perspective, you will have an easier time learning and perfecting the routine. Get ready for Midas Coins Across!

Bonus Effect:
A+ (Across)

Effect: You can hear and see each coin jumping across into their hand one at a time with the final coin making the jump into their closed fist while the spectator is holding on to your hand and wrist the entire time. An excellent coins across routine for impromptu situations.

*Please note that you may need to buy additional supplies.