Andrea Rizzolini – Cutting Paper with Rocks (Instant Download)

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“Cutting Paper with Rocks” is Andrea Rizzolini’s take on the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors plot.

Before the performer gets into a complex demonstration he needs to understand how the spectators will react to certain techniques, and to do so he proposes a bet.

The performer takes out some money and says he is going to try and influence the choices of a spectator in order to win a bet.
The bet is a simple one: the performer will try and influence the result of a game of rock, paper, scissors, if he is successful he keeps the money, if he instead fails to do so the spectator can take it.
So the spectator is then asked to show any symbol and, surprisingly, the symbol he shows matches exactly with the one the performer wanted him to do.

The performer now proposes to raise the stakes by adding more money in order to play a second round; but the second time, instead of showing just one symbol, the spectator is asked to show any three different symbols, one after the other and, once again, they match exactly with the ones the performer wanted him to do.

The performer may now get into a more elaborate demonstration…

“Cutting Paper with Rocks” is the perfect opener to any close up performance; it’s simple, direct, almost propless and it’s 100% sure fire.

A fully scripted performance is included algonside with a 32 page PDF explaining every detail and subtlety.