Allan Hagen – Eleven (limited product)


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Contains two full-length performance pieces, a color change and an essay on performance theory:

Completing the Hand
Two-phase poker routine with demonstrations of exceptional memory and skill.

A Very Bold Triumph
A take on Vernon’s timeless classic; bold and straightforward.

The Mirror Change
Very strange color change.

Essay: Storytelling
Some thoughts on structure, suspense, character and plot in the context of a magic performance.

The material is described in full detail with several high-quality black and white photographs.
Several moves and techniques are taught as part of the effects, making this little booklet a gem full of extremely useful tools, knowledge and material. Allan firmly believes in quality over quantity, and with his first publication, it truly shows.

Printed in Trondheim, Norway in November of 2016.
Saddle-stitched, 40 pages.
Limited to 111 signed and numbered copies.

What other magicians are saying about Eleven:

“Sharing methods is easy but when a performer dares to reveal the thinking behind their work or feelings for their art, the result can be more intimate, interesting and meaningful. The material here is strong and the insight into Allan’s approach is invaluable. He really cares about the experience of magic and it shows on every page.”

— R. Paul Wilson

“A beautiful set of notes, embodying a huge depth of understanding towards both the construction and performance of impactful effects.”

— Ollie Mealing