Alexander Marsh – No Peeking (Instant Download)


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“‘No Peeking’ went straight into my working set. This is, in my opinion, the best star sign reveal on the market! I have always been an advocate of Pete Turner’s ‘Isabelle’s Star’ and used it on a regular basis. ‘No Peeking’ changed that for me. As soon as you grasp the method you won’t be able to help yourself. You will want to use this.” – Jack Brister

What’s your star sign? Your date of birth? What day of the week is your birthday? Tell a complete stranger all of these things without peeking.

This routine was designed counter intuitively; I wanted to reveal something that the spectator had written but without peeking it. My reasoning was that if I can do that then it doesn’t matter if other people write stuff down that I do peek.

So this routine can be thrown into the mix to put people off the scent, so to speak, as it proves that you don’t need to touch the billet to read someone’s mind, or indeed it can be used as a standalone demonstration of your fantastical abilities. To further add to the deception you also reveal at least two pieces of information that were never written down by them.

Props are minimal; a pencil, at least two index cards, and a swami gimmick is all you need. The rest of the methodology for this routine is held purely in your head as we will be using a branching anagram for star signs, knowing the dates when a star signs fall, and the ability to perform a Day For Any Date calculation – or at least be able to calculate the day this year their birthday will fall.

At the end of this book you will find an Appendix of resources to learn the dates, calculations, and knowledge required to achieve these feats, all you have to do is put the work in and learn them. The Day for Any Date formula may also be one of the easiest I’ve come across. I have also simplified it even further for this routine. For some of you, this might be worth the price of the download alone.