Alexander Marsh – Head Wired (official pdf version)


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The brand new book for 2016 from Alexander Marsh. Inside you will find…The Two Tenners – Introducing the ‘Subconscious Switch’ – a switch that happen in the spectators mind. This is Marsh’s unique and ingenious method for knowing the serial number of a spectator’s bank note.37th Deception Revisited – You will love Alexander’s take on this force.

There’s A Rocket in My Pocket – A simple device and handling to very cleanly predict almost anything.

No Peeking – What’s your star sign? Your date of birth? What day of the week is your birthday? Tell a complete stranger all of these things without peeking.

Yellow Square – A novel way to predict a freely chosen number.

The Brave & The Bold – “There is a lot of bold methods about these days. I don’t like bold methods. I like brave methods.”

Mentalism Up Close – An essay on close up Mentalism

Plus an Appendix featuring methods to perform a simple magic square, a prop-less star sign reveal, and a Day for Any Date formula.