Alex William Smith – Ring of Destiny – Combination Lock Number Mentalism


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For all you Mentalists & Magicians that have been searching for the Perfect Combination Lock Number Mentalism Routine you will be delighted to know that your search is over.

With “Ring of Destiny” a married couple have their Wedding Rings Locked onto a Combination Padlock and it is suggested that if they are truly meant to be together as a couple then fate and destiny will look after them whatever obstacles may get in the way during their lifetimes.

You hand out a Small notepad to the audience and four volunteers each write down a random four digit number that are finally added together and create a unique five digit number.

Whilst this notepad number generating is taking place, four other audience members randomly generate numbers of their own in the most free and honest seeming manner you will ever encounter and the numbers they pick are used to count down to the corresponding position in a deck of cards that was seen to be shuffled at the start of the routine.

The 5 digit notepad number is revealed and is for example 15, 769.

You explain that as only four cards have been randomly selected that you will use just the first 4 digits of 1576.

To everyone’s amazement when the four playing cards are turned over they are an Ace (one), Five, Seven and Six matching the first 4 digits of the randomly calculated number perfectly.

This four digit number of 1567 is then entered into the combination lock and as the lock opens and the married couple get their rings back everyone will go mad with thunderous applause.

Also explained is a bonus element where you can prove that Subliminal Programming was used to influence everyone to choose the numbers that they did (which also proves you influenced the entire 5 digit notepad total) that adds yet another massive applause cue to the routine.

The Important Points to remember are:

*The Padlock is 100% Ungimmicked

*You Could give the padlock away at the end

*All number Selections seem completely Random

*The methods used have fooled even experienced Performers!

*Routine involves lots of audience members

*There are Several Strong inbuilt applause cues

*This packs extremely small and plays massive

*Props Can be Made & Assembled in Minutes