Alchemy Tree – Double Lifts Box Set Right Handed (all videos included in 1080p quality)

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The double lift is often the bridge that allows magicians to cross over from self-working card tricks to sleight-of-hand miracles.

All magicians have their favourite and often use it in every situation: for switches controls and even forces.  And that’s because many don’t realise that there might be better alternatives, from the super-simple to the highly finessed.

We teach not only the different types of double but also where and why to use each.

And when you’ve mastered the basics, we share the tips, tricks and convincers that take the trouble out of the double, with additional work on get-readies, cleaning up and finessing.

And as a bonus we finish off with Heads and Hands, a beautiful ungimmicked card routine that’s easy enough for beginners but strong enough for the seasoned pro.

With in-depth tuition, multiple angles, slow-motion explanations, plus left and right-handed handling this Alchemy Tree Box set is your will become go-to guide to the Double Lift.


The Doubles

Ultra-Simple Double Lift

Vernon Light Double Lift

Book Turnover Double Lift

Hit Double Lift

Turnover Tip

Double From A Spread

Snap Double

Dingle Double

Spin Double

Centre Double


Double Lift Clean-Up

KM Move:

A Force

The Double Lift Force

A Trick

Heads & Hands:

Additional Moves

Pushover Get-Ready

Front Thumb Count

Rear Thumb Count


Comes with Bonus Cardworker’s Toolbox of Foundation Card Moves.