Alakazam Online Magic Academy – CRAIG PETTY COIN ACADEMY LESSON 2 WED 20TH OCT 7PM (UK)

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Join Craig for his second Alakazam Coin Academy
**Please note due to the live and interactive nature of our Academies the contents may be subject to change
1. Free Will Coins Across
A coins across routine where the audience decide the order in which the boys go across. It adds a whole new element to routine and makes it more interactive
2. 3 Coin Trick
Craig’s handling of routine by Geoff Latta. It’s the most commercial coin routine for a walk round performance you’ve ever seen with 15 moments of magic. And it is the single best use of a shell ever.
3. Stoned Coins To Purse
A coins to purse routine that has to be seen to be believed. And the finale you won’t see coming at all
4. The Coin Detective
A multiphase routine where a coin finds a selected card over and over again. The finale brings the whole routine full circle
5. Pool Ball Transpo
Using simple coins sleights a mini pool ball changes to find a selected card and then changes back again
6. Flipped Out
Craigs favourite coin routine which is a masterclass in itself in the use of a flipper coin
7. 3C1CM
The most commercial matrix routine you will ever see. It uses three coins and one card and there are no gaffs and no extras.  Plus the kickback is absolutely insane.
8. The Monster Coin Routine
A two phase routine. Firstly the coins jump from
One place to another and then vanish never to be seen again. This is Craig’s favourite routine to perform mix and mingle
9. Spillout Coin Box Routine.
A multiphase coin box routine that is literally an act in its own right. If you want to perform one coin routine that establishes credibility this is the routine for you.
10. Repeat Coin to Glass.
A multiphase penetration routine with a borrowed coin and a borrowed glass.
All purchasers of this course will receive a recording of the evening to download and enjoy time and time again!