Adam Fleischer – Brainstorm in the Bahamas


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“The Magic Hedonists Brainstorm In The Bahamas”

Only 13 copies available so order quick they wont last long

The Harrowing experience of 4 Magic Buddies who are forced to leave civilization and perform close-up for an entire week in an uncharted resort somewhere in the Bahamas

You Will Gasp at their resourcefulness in surviving 7 days among the savages with nothing more than a case of suntan lotion and a 6-pack of Tally-Ho’s.

Shiver at the hardships the fearless foursome endure as they bravely stroll along moon-lit beaches without the benefit of proper footwear!!!

Thrill as the guys struggle to create and audience test 20 Top notch close-up presentations in a valiant effort to show that Good Magic combined with Good Times can help anyone escape into the pleasurable world of Magic Hedonism


To Be a Hedonist The Jokers & Mr. T., A Card Well Hung, Cut & Restored Hair

Becoming a Magic Hedonist The Hedonists Make Up All the Rules

From Slush to Sun Quick Trip, Spot Remover

Experiencing Hedonism CardCuffs, Happy Card, Optical Disadvantage, $5 Climax

We Settle In The Bent Copper-Silver Transposition, Regeneration, Fingertip Flyers

The Hedonists Relocate The Un-Box, Coin From Pen Cap

The End of the Beginning Vernon’s Four Ace Sand Trick, A Hefty Penetration, Freeze Dried Flame, Free Lunch!

Written & Edited by Adam Fleischer

Michael Ammar-Daryl-Adam Fleischer-Paul Harris