Yvan Garmy – ICB (Instant Download)


The ultimate card to box. It fools gimmick experts and sleight-of-hand experts alike. It looks like real magic. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.

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“The best card-to-box I’ve ever seen!”Jeff McBride

“I thought there was a gimmick!”Nicholas Lawrence

Make any signed playing card vanishes and reappear folded inside any borrowed card box.

The card box is shown to be empty. It never leaves your spectators sight. And yet, whenever you want, you can show that a playing card has appeared inside of it. The spectator can then remove the playing card themselves and examine everything!

ICB will easily become your go-to trick! It’s an impossible miracle that can be performed with any borrowed card box!
– No set up required
– No slits in the card box
– No duplicate cards
– No alteration made to the card box

The trick can easily be added to any of your existing signed card routines. It’s the perfect trick for table hopping or a walk around environment.