Wayne Houchin – Sinful – Masterminds Vol. 1


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Effect: A signed coin magically penetrates through a sealed can of soda or beer. The can is opened, the contents poured out and trapped inside is the initialed coin. The effect can be performed anywhere, at anytime with no special props, no switches, no gimmicks, and no setup. Both the coin and the can may be borrowed. In fact, the spectator can keep the can with their signed coin trapped inside.

“One of the greatest no-preparation miracles EVER. You do it anytime, anywhere, with any can and any coin and it’s guaranteed to kill.”
– Richard KaufmanEditor of Genii, The Conjurors’ Magazine

“This is a great trick. You are crazy for releasing it!”
– Lance Burton

“The impromptu nature and startling power of this effect is a rarity in the magic world. Buy the DVD – you will not be disappointed!”
– Banachek

“In all my years I wish magic would be more like this – practical and incredibly effective. This is a gem and worth 10 times the price.”
– Johnny Thompson