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Vladislav KolmykovQuantum Card gives Dai Vernon’s Brainwave an extra wallop that even most well-versed magicians won’t see coming, so imagine the impact it will have on a lay audience. As with the classic effect, a selected card is shown to be the only face-up card in an otherwise face-down deck; and when it’s turned over, it has a different color back. Pretty powerful stuff, but you’ve seen it all before. Then from out of nowhere comes the knockout blow, you turn the deck over and all of the faces are blank! Yep, they’re as white as snow, every card! And yes, you show both sides of the pack in the fairest manner possible to drive home the sheer impossibility of what they’re seeing! In this new manuscript, we explain two ways to make up and present Quantum Card as developed by the award-winning Russian magician and magic inventor, Vladislav Kolmykov (pictured), and refined with the help of Viktor Renner and Vladimir Svechnikov. It takes about half an hour to make up a Quantum Card deck and the cards, and other supplies, must be purchased separately if you do not already have them on hand. None are supplied with this ebook download. Note: Materials can run $35 or more from various suppliers (before shipping, if you buy online), depending on which version of Quantum Card you use. So this effect is intended for the serious magician who is looking for a real stunner and understands there is an investment of time and money to prepare it. 17 pages, photo-illustrated.