Valenz by SaysevenT (Instant Download)

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VALENZ is a title in which there are 3 routines with simple ambitious card effects.

If you remember the ambitious effect then do not escape with double lift technique. This time 3 routine packed with completion of “Double lift ending” that is as follows:

1.Take Left Hand.
2.Keep One Only.
3.Walking In Paris.

This is part of the “variation of double lift system”, a well-crafted routine to show the results of different double lift variations.

(-) There are some parts that use a special angle (to do reverse).
(+) Can be seen from any angle (the double lift).

In this tutorial help you to minimize the shortage (-), or the excess (+).

– Pure sleight of hand.
– Detail explanation.
– Difficulty medium level.

“It will not work if it does not start with practice”.
Good luck to succeed.

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