Unknown Mentalist – Brain Knewmerology


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This is a unique mind reading routine. It possesses a rare set of qualities. It is absolutely prop less and it can be done totally impromptu. Also, you can read 2 minds at a time. This works equally well one-on-one, close-up group, parlor, walk around, street, platform or even remotely on phone or skype.

This is completely self working and instantly repeatable with a different outcome each time. Very easy to perform. You can perform it within 10 minutes of reading the instructions. No electronics, no stooges, no preshow and no sleights.

A participant holds a thought in her mind and you guide her through a quick mental process and finally reveal her thought to her utter amazement. The thought can be related to a color, a personal object or a personality trait. And as a kicker, you reveal another participant’s thought of planet number.

This can be a reputation maker in the right hands. Additionally, a wide choice of 5 alternative handlings is provided. These are almost like 5 alternative routines in themselves.

“A brilliant revision of an a old standard. Well worth purchase , practice and performance. A bargain !!!!” – Marc Salem“I have read Brain Knewmerology and I like it VERY much. I also like your presentation about being a student” – Robin Gillett.

1st edition 2015, 15 pages.
word count: 2949 which is equivalent to 11 standard pages of text