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Only 500 tickets available!

On May 29th + 30th!
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2 Full days of UnConventional Fun


Custom Designed 8-bit Virtual World


World’s Top Magicians


Video Recordings FOREVER


Playable Games You Can Actually Win


Plenty more surprises!

The Video Game Magic Convention of Your Dreams is Back… and Better Than Ever


You’ve heard of Disneyland, Candyland, and Legoland right?

Well this… is Magicland.

And it’s bigger and better than ever.

An entire world build around your favourite subject… MAGIC.

We’ve custom built a magical amusement park to include the best parts of a real magic convention – in a video game world.

Mingle and jam around the 8-bit universe for 2 days or sit back and enjoy the mind blowing virtual events we have planned for you.

We’ve jam packed two full days with shows, lectures, panels, dealers, jams, and so much more.

Oh and after the convention, all of the lectures, panels, and shows are recorded. So you can watch and re-watch them forever.

There are only 500 tickets available for this special event and once they’re gone…they’re GONE.

Return to Magicland Schedule
All time are in EST – Eastern Standard Time


Return to Magicland starts in…


Our Virtual Line up

We’ve gathered the absolute best magicians to spend two straight days with YOU!

Here are some of the incredible magicians you’re going to be jamming with at Return to Magicland

Caroline Ravn

You may know her from her Instagram @ravnmagic or founder of Ravn Playing Cards. Caroline Ravn played for full houses all across Sweden on her tour in 2018, and in 2020 streamed her show all across the globe! Prepare to be amazed.

Sean O

Sean O is a creator, visionary and outstanding cardist. From speaking at Cardistry-Cons, to making countless viral videos, Sean’s impact on cardistry is clear. He’s a source of information and inspiration for generations of cardists.

Mario “The Maker Magician” Marchese

Mario is a New York based, touring family performer known for his DIY robotic creations, up-cycled props, and new school slapstick character. Oh… and David Blaine, who called him “the best kids magician in the world!!”

Chris Westfall

Chris Westfall has been one of Canada’s busiest performers for the past decade. As a Second City graduate Chris is know for making interactive experiences. His magic is all about calculated chaos and it’s time for you to see why!

Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy is a card magician and sleight of hand artist know for his work on Instagram as “Lost Angelus”. He’s a self proclaimed amateur (But there’s nothing amateur about this). Jeremy LOVES the world of magic and its amazing community too.

Steve Reynolds

This New Orlean’s card magician is obsessed with keeping the history of magic alive. He’s one of the most prolific writers in magic with books, dvds, and contributions to magazines. Find him jamming and ask about the Zarrow shuffle.

Xavior Spade

If you’ve searched for magic on YouTube, you’ve seen one of Xaviors videos. He’s one of the most prolific content creators on the internet,  founder of Lost Art Magic, and sleight of hand expert. He doesn’t pull punches and says what he feels.

Carisa Hendrix

You already know who Carisa Hendrix is. She’s taken over the magic world winning all sorts of awards with her beloved character Lucy Darling. You may have seen her at The Magic Castle, but you’ve never seen her like this!

Avi Yap

Avi Yap is an underground coin magic sensation that you have to see to believe. Even then, you won’t believe your eyes! Avi’s work looks like real magic, and he’s going to share some of the secrets to his tricks with you!

Danny Goldsmith

Danny is a performer and creator specializing in coin magic. He’s performed close up, parlour, and street magic for 17 years. He’s a student and teacher of meditation and buddhist psychology intertwined with his style and creativity performance

Kevin Ho

Kevin Ho is a veteran Cardist of over 17 years. A co-founder of Virtuoso, the first cardistry company and featured with the group on Discover Channel, Wired, and Vanity Fair. Now he spearheads the cardistry playing card brand Momentum.

Dustin Dean

Dustin Dean is a professional mentalist and magician that has travelled nationally working with college and corporate events. He’s gained a massive following online with over 3million views and 300k followers on Tiktok debunking psychics!

Jay Sankey

Jay Sankey is a magician’s magician. Widely considered one of the most original thinkers alive today and is one of the most prolific creators with over 700 original tricks. You may know him from his Youtube channel with over 300k subscribers, and countless TV appearances.

Wes Barker

Wes Barker is a Canadian comedy magician. He’s appeared on Americas Got Talent, Fooled Penn & Teller, and has more than 80 million views on his Youtube channel. Most recently Wes (alongside his 3 best friends)created and co-starred in BIG TRICK ENERGY on TruTV.


Named 2017 Mentalist of the year in the US college market, Spidey has captivated the minds of millions around the world, 20+ Million Views, and countless TV appearances including NBC’s The Today Show, The Rachel Ray Show, Entertainment Tonight, and Showtime at the Apollo

Chris Pilsworth

Chris Pilsworth, knows how to entertain. Since becoming a professional magician, over 30 years ago, millions have been WOW-ed  live and on TV.  He’s headlined at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, and consulted in China on a multi-million dollar magic TV series.

Kaitlyn Chen

Kaitlyn started magic at 8, and quickly transitioned to Cardistry by 13. With small hands but EPIC moves,  her cardistry will inspire you to pick up a deck.  Cardistry has helped her meet her closest friends ever, and she’s excited to use it to meet you too!

Doc Dixon

For 25 years Doc Dixon performed for clubs, resorts and corporate events across the country.  He’s fooled Penn & Teller, performed on The Late Late Show with James Corden, twice at The White House, and now he’s here to entertain YOU with his outstanding magic.

Noah Sonie

Fresh off of a Fool Us appearance Noah Sonie delivers a fresh take on magic and mentalism. He’s a full time magician with stories and  experiences to help you on your journey. He’s focused on creating honest moments for his audience and is thrilled to share it with you.

Ryan Kane

Ryan Kane is a magician, comedian, and author based in San Francisco. At the start of the pandemic he launched the “Mostly Magicians Virtual Open Mic” giving magicians a place to test material. He’s also the author of “Out of Stock: A Magician’s Guide to Writing Your Own Lines.”

Jonah Babins

Creator of, The Toronto Magic Company, and host of the Discourse in Magic Podcast, Jonah Babins is a modern force in the world of magic theory, card tricks and one of the top magic marketing consultants in magic right now.

Ben Train

Creator of, The Toronto Magic Company, Ben Train has done it all. He’s entertained and lectured all over the globe, published lecture notes, and toured alongside his heroes in magic. Don’t let him near a deck of cards.

Plus… MORE surprises and special guest performers to come…

Play the Game

We’ve made Magicland into more than just a convention. It’s also a video game that you can actually play – and we’ve got real world prizes to mail the winners.

Hunt through the Magicland world, gather clues, find secret locations win real physical prizes.

You’ve never been part of an event like this before.

Lectures, panels, and shows – Yours to rewatch over and over again.

Just like a real convention it might just be impossible to catch every single event over two days… And you don’t have to!

We’re recording all of the lectures, panels, and shows and sending them to you after the convention so that they’re yours forever.

You can watch and rewatch your favourite moments over and over again!

MAY 29TH + 30TH (9AM-10PM EST)

Only 500 Available

Your Ticket to Unconventional.Fun




2 FULL Days of UnConventional Fun


Custom Designed 8-bit Virtual World


World’s Top Magicians


Video Recordings FOREVER


A playable game you with real prizes


A Ton More Surprises
Get Your Ticket

Only 500 Available

“I’ve been to many Toronto Magic Company events both in person and online.

Ben and Jonah always EXCEED my expectations.

If you’re looking for serious magic and lots of fun, MAGICLAND is a no-brainer”

Garrett Thomas

Real Life Wizard and Penn and Teller FOOLER

Return to MagicLand is starts in…


🎟 What’s Included With My Ticket? 🎟

This is more than just a glorified livestream. This is a custom built virtual amusement park built from the ground up with YOU in mind.

We originally built the convention to emulate all of your favourite parts of a real magic convention.

But now it’s become much more than that. We’ve taken advantage of the virtual world, games, and our imagination to create something that couldn’t exist in the real world.

2 Full Convention Days

48 hours of lectures, shows, panels,  jams, adventures, and prizes alongside some of the best magicians around. Just like a real magic convention but from the comfort of your own home… and in an amusement park.

Custom Amusement Park

We’ve designed the perfect magic convention in a virtual amusement park pixel-by-pixel including a lecture hall, jam space, magic show dealers rooms, a custom spaces we’re excited to share. We’re making all of your wildest magic convention dreams come true.

Jamming and More Jamming

This isn’t just an 8-bit world: As you move closer to other attendees your camera fades into view. That means you can talk face-to-face with everyone at the convention including our 30+ performers lecturing and performing.

Yours Forever

We get it. With an entire virtual world, unlimited jamming, games, old friends and new friends… It’s going to be hard to catch every show and lecture. Now you don’t have to. After the event we’ll send you every lecture, panel and show! to watch and re-watch forever.

World Class Talent

Usually it’s challenging to get the best magicians in the world all in one room. With UnConventional.Fun we laugh at the idea of borders around the globe. We’ve brought together our favourite performers, magicians, and cardists, to share their worlds with all of you.

Play The Game

It looks like a video game. It smells like a video game.  So we decided to make it one. Magicland is a playable video game with clues, and of course REAL WORLD PRIZES that we’ll be sending to the winners.


How does it work?

How do I jam in an 8-bit world?

What if I’m not available for the whole 2 days

Can I use my phone/tablet?

Will the event be recorded?

I’m bad with tech. Is this going to be hard?

Only 500 Available

Your Ticket to Return to MAGICLAND




2 FULL Days of UnConventional Fun


Custom Designed 8-bit Virtual World


World’s Top Magicians


Video Recordings FOREVER


A playable game you with real prizes


A Ton More Surprises
Get Your Ticket

Only 500 tickets available!



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Ben Train

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